分享 五月四日下午5点线上讲座:麻省私校引导学生研究HOAR参议员孤军奋战排华法 ... ...
MingHao 2024-4-15 03:27
May 04 5PM PST webinar A Research Project at a MA private School guided students to learn about Senator Hoar's opposition to the Chinese Exclusion https:// us02web.zoom.us/j/337947408?pw d=Ky9LZXdSRFNJWkc2d1BFaEI0MEprUT09 … Meeting ID: 337 947 408 Passcode: 2021 by Rob Morrison
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分享 五月十八日讲座:华人来美淘金之前,费城,纽约和波士顿就有了中国博物馆 ...
MingHao 2024-4-15 03:00
美国早期的中国之旅 在轮船时代开始之前,只有美国商人、传教士和政府官员进行了到中国的长途航行。 然而东部城市的普通美国人确实有机会了解中国并研究中国文物。 他们甚至可以在 中国移民出现之前在美国土地上见到中国人。 这是因为,在 1850 年之前,少数有 进取心的美国商人和政府官员将中国收藏品甚至中国 ...
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分享 费城与独立宣言的关系
MingHao 2024-4-12 05:10
Comparing the Declaration of Independence's significance to Philadelphia could be likened to describing the Eiffel Tower's importance to Paris or the Colosseum's significance to Rome. Philadelphia is often referred to as the "Birthplace of America" due to its pivotal role in the founding of the ...
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分享 Wilson 批准在联邦政府种族隔离
MingHao 2024-4-12 02:36
On April 11, 1913, recently inaugurated President Woodrow Wilson received Postmaster General Albert Burleson's plan to segregate the Railway Mail Service. Burleson reported that he found it “intolerable” that white and Black employees had to work together and share drinking glasses and washro ...
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分享 Medical Missionary Lorenzo Morgan Family
MingHao 2024-4-11 11:51
https://www.ulib.iupui.edu/wmicproject/ https://www.history.pcusa.org/collections/research-tools/subject-guides/western-medicine-china
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分享 Chauncey Goodrich (富善)
MingHao 2024-4-11 11:02
Chauncey Goodrich (富善) came to China in 1865 and served there for 60 years. In 1890, he became a member of the Union Bible Translation Committee. Goodrich was the only original member still on the committee when the much-heralded translation was completed 29 years later. He passed into Heaven ...
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分享 Alex Hoar
MingHao 2024-4-9 03:53
霍尔参议员的后代Alex Hoar 提供了如下介绍: 乔治·弗里斯比·霍尔(George Frisbie Hoar,1826年8月29日-1904年9月30日)是一位著名的美国政治家和来自马萨诸塞州的美国参议员。 霍尔出生于马萨诸塞州康科德。 他是 18 世纪和 19 世纪新英格兰政治上显赫的大家庭的成员。 霍尔于 1846 年毕业于哈佛大 ...
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分享 耶鲁传教士 卫三畏
MingHao 2024-4-8 09:42
裨治文 Bridgman 卫三畏 ( Samuel Wells Williams ,1812年9月22日—1884年2月16日),19世纪 传教士 , 汉学 家, 语言学家 。 卫三畏出生于美国纽约州的 由提卡 ,就读于 特洛伊 的 伦斯勒理工学院 。1833年6月15日,20岁的卫三畏受 美国公理会差会 派遣,前往中国 广州 ,负责 印刷 。1837年乘Morrison号 ...
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分享 耶鲁中国档案-Hubbard 中国传教40年
MingHao 2024-4-8 09:40
George Henry Hubbard 中国传教40年 (1885-1925) https://archives.yale.edu/agents/people/66865 https://dmorinsite.wordpress.com/george-henry-hubbard/ https://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/book/lookupname?key=Hubbard%2C%20George%20Henry%2C%201857%2D
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分享 让有色人上学,就炸掉学校
MingHao 2024-4-7 12:46
In 1957, Nashville's all-white Hattie Cotton Elementary School was destroyed by dynamite blast when black kids integrated the school. —On September 9, 1957, as 19 Black six-year-olds integrated all-white elementary schools in Nashville, Tennessee, white church members—including one local minis ...
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