分享 排外今昔,判断历史
MingHao 2022-12-1 10:12
America’s Exclusionary Past and Present and the Judgment of History The Trump Administration’s immigration policies are part of the shameful legacy of the Chinese Exclusion Act, which ushered in a new, discriminatory governing framework for U.S. n February 28, 1882, Senator ...
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分享 不该被遗忘的族裔清洗
MingHao 2022-12-1 09:36
Gum Shan . Gold Mountain. That was what the people in Guangdong Province called the faraway land where the native population had red hair and blue eyes, and it was rumored that gold nuggets could be plucked from the ground. According to an account in the San Francisco Chronicle , a merc ...
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分享 美国急需中国移民,然后呢?
MingHao 2022-12-1 06:38
Tarred as a “coolie race,” the Chinese were cast as a threat to free white labor. Illustration by Mojo Wang U ntil the middle of the nineteenth century, settlement of America’s western frontier generally reached no farther than the Great Plains. The verdant land that Spanish conqu ...
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分享 洛杉矶被屠杀的华人中的一位草药医生
MingHao 2022-12-1 06:15
Los Angeles, in the latter half of the nineteenth century, was an isolated and rough-hewn town, known for its lawlessness and disorder. A small population of Chinese immigrants from Guangdong Province made their way there, working as laundrymen, or as household cooks and servants; some leased sma ...
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分享 华裔同化的故事,未完。。。
MingHao 2022-12-1 05:55
Cultural Comment The Anxious, Unfinished Story of Chinese-American Assimilation By October 26, 2016 n June 23, 1982, Vincent Chin, a twenty-seven-year-old working as an industrial draftsman at an engineering firm, was out with his friends at the Fancy Pants stri ...
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