分享 Chinese Equal Rights League -Geary Act
MingHao 2024-2-22 01:25
Wong Chin-Foo 模仿20年前黑人建立的: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Equal_Rights_League Guy Saum Song Bo Dr. Thom https://www.newyorkalmanack.com/2015/09/joseph-thoms-defending-americas-chinese/ Chinese Benevolent Association China Mission Sundays Schools ...
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分享 Oriental Club-抗击排华
MingHao 2024-2-22 00:36
Oriental Club 23 Marks Place. western outfit China Mission Chinese Consulate-Rock Spring Methodist Episcopal Church President Yee Gi Ming Chinese Consul Shen Woon 50C 30 members, 20 married American women 无辫子堂
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分享 自由女神之门
MingHao 2024-2-21 22:53
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分享 自由女神 myth
MingHao 2024-2-21 22:41
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分享 自由女神百年纪念
MingHao 2024-2-21 22:33
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分享 Saum Song Bo
MingHao 2024-2-21 22:15
Dr. Dylan Yeats, NYU He came as a child to Oregon to be raised by his uncle and got into Chicago Univ. Democrats called China a shithole country then Republicans called: The Chinese Must Go. In his sophomore year, Arthur Chester signed into law the Chinese Exclusion. After his graduati ...
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分享 华裔美国人画家历史
MingHao 2024-2-21 02:39
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分享 1850-1970亚裔画家在纽约
MingHao 2024-2-20 21:50
亚裔美国艺术——历史,1850-1970 从亚洲移民到美国的自然路径是跨越太平洋。 因此,亚洲移民人口最多的集中地是西海岸,重要的中心是洛杉矶和旧金山,以及西雅图和波特兰。 来到西海岸后,从亚洲抵达的人相对较少继续向东,这对于艺术家以及社区的其他成员来说都是如此。 但纽约在十九世纪最后几十年成为了这个国家 ...
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分享 “我为收藏而交易艺术品”——纪念安思远先生(1929-2014)
MingHao 2024-2-19 22:26
https://bostonese.com/2014/09/a-tribute-to-mr-robert-hatfield-ellsworth/ http://www.sanglianju.com/news/show.php?itemid=1249
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分享 the importance of the East Asian Art department of the met museum to the CHinese
MingHao 2024-2-19 21:25
ChatGPT ChatGPT The East Asian Art department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) plays a significant role in connecting the Chinese diaspora to their cultural heritage and history. Here are several reasons why the department is important ...
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